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Securing the future of women in Africa by standing with girls today

ACCRA, Ghana—“It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that wherever you are, you empower girls to speak out. “Girls have to demand a space for their voices to be heard. Therefore, we urge African governments to support and uplift girls, and make a firm decision to end child marriage.” We urge African governments to support and […]

“My period has become like a terrible sickness”

JUBA, South Sudan—“My periods are a nightmare as they are very painful, and I can’t get [access to] any sanitary products.” For millions of women and girls displaced by conflict and natural disasters in Africa, adequate hygiene facilities and privacy during menstruation are rare. Nyanjuma Gatloth, 20, is one of them. As she describes her monthly […]

Youth voices: Deciphering menstruation for African girls and women

Comedian Margret Cho once joked: “Over half the world menstruates at one time or another, but you’d never know it. Isn’t that strange?” Yet there is nothing funny about the silence behind menstruation for millions of adolescent girls and young women, who are often uninformed and ill-equipped to handle their period because no one wants […]