REPORT: African Coalition for MHM Feedback and Membership Survey

REPORT: African Coalition for MHM Feedback and Membership Survey

Guided by the Johannesburg Call to Action: Improving Menstrual Health Management in Africa, and recommendations from the 2018 inaugural East and Southern Africa Menstrual Health Management Symposium, the purpose of the African Coalition for Menstrual Health
Management (ACMHM) is to strengthen coordination among key stakeholders, build on and support the evidence base to better transition research to action.

The Coalition also aims to support multi-sectoral policy making and scale-up of evidence-based and sustainable programmes that address the menstrual health management needs of girls, women and all people who menstruate in Africa throughout their menstrual life cycle. In the past year we have attained some successes including policy advocacy, leadership in the development of product standards, knowledge sharing and collaborative partnerships for MHM, among others.

Background and objectives of the survey

During the ACMHM leadership meeting in February 2020, the leadership of the Coalition decided to disseminate a survey with the intention to:

  1. Get the views of current and future members on how the Coalition can make their participation more meaningful and beneficial
  2. Be guided on how the Coalition can better respond to the members’ needs
  3. Create a platform for the Coalition to attract more members
  4. Acquire inputs and suggestions on how the Coalition can improve its engagement and partnerships with the members and other external partners.